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PhD. Topics

Institute of Measurement Science

Analysis of Multilead ECG Signals in Disorders of Excitation Propagation in the Heart
PhD. program
Measurement Technology
Name of the supervisor
Doc. Ing. Anna Přibilová, PhD.
Receiving school
The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Disorders of excitation propagation in the heart tissue can lead to various pathological states up to heart failure. Resynchronization therapy of heart failure aims for restoration of correct cardiac electrical activation by control of sensing/pacing using special electrodes placed in different parts of the heart. The main aim of the dissertation thesis will be design of new methods and/or modification of currently used methods of analysis of ECG signals acquired from the multiple-lead measurement of the electrical field of the heart on the thorax surface. They can be used for assessment of quantitative criteria for patient selection with higher probability of the cardiac resynchronization therapy success, for optimization of stimulation electrodes’ location, as well as for timing setting of stimulation of different heart areas. The applicant is required to have knowledge of physical laws and topology of electrical fields, methods of measurement and processing of biomedical signals, and programming in the Matlab environment.