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PhD. Topics

Institute of Measurement Science

Analysis of stress impacts on the examined person during scanning in an MRI scanner
PhD. program
Measurement Technology
Name of the supervisor
Dr. Ing. Jiří Přibil, (PhD.)
Receiving school
The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Noise and vibration generated in MRI devices during the scanning process has negative physiological as well as psychological effects on an investigated person. Analysis of the stress effect is performed depending on the intensity and duration of the exposure. The stress factors include direct changes in blood pressure, shape of a heart pulse, and heart rate can be detected from continually sensed photoplethysmographic and/or electrocardiograph signals. Non direct stress impacts can be detected from differences of vascular vessels from MR images of human limbs, and evaluated from the speech signal recorded in parallel. The thesis goal was to detect, analyze, and quantify stress impacts with final aim to find proper recommendations for its minimization. The applicant is expected to have knowledge in areas of human physiology, methods of biomedical signal measurement and sensing, and numerical methods for signal processing.