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PhD. Topics

Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences SAS

Social Aspects of Decarbonisation in the Context of Economic and Environmental Challenges at Regional Level: a Case Study of a Selected Regional Territorial Unit and Implications for Public Policies
PhD. program
European Studies and Politics
Name of the supervisor
Mgr. Richard Filčák, MSc. PhD.
Receiving school
Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences Comenius University Bratislava
Climate neutrality by 2050 means significant challenges for the Slovak Republic in relation to the decarbonisation of the economy and the transition to circular and low- carbon models of production and consumption. A key approach will be the transformation at the regional level, which will be supported by the Slovak Republic and the EU within the framework of the Just Transition Mechanism (JTM). At the same time, decarbonisation creates economic and social costs and has different impacts on households and people. The thesis will focus on developing a conceptual and theoretical framework for mapping and analysing the social aspects of decarbonisation, which will then be quantitatively and qualitatively verified through a case study of a selected Regional Territorial Unit. The research using the case study of the selected region will provide key qualitative inputs for: i) mapping the existing and emerging social costs of the transition to low-carbon production and consumption, ii) analysing the economic and social conflicts of structural transformation, and iv) and taxonomy of barriers/challenges related to decarbonisation and the implications for public policy making. This work will allow to extend and specify the theoretical aspects of decarbonisation and the structural conditions that form or can form the background for strategies, programmes and plans implemented at national and regional level.