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The list of national projects SAS

Institute of Oriental Studies
Symbolika zvieraťa v tradičnom umení Blízkeho východu, Ďalekého východu a Oceánie
Program: VEGA
Project leader: Mgr. Zhang Cziráková Daniela PhD.
Duration: 1.1.2020 - 31.12.2022
Reflexia globalizácie ako celospoločenského fenoménu v kultúrach Ázie, Afriky a Oceánie
Program: VEGA
Project leader: prof., PhDr. Sorby Karol R. DrSc.
Duration: 1.1.2018 - 31.12.2021
Slovak research in the Sudanese site Duweym Wad Haj
Slovenský výskum na sudánskej lokalite Duwejm Wad Hadž
Program: SRDA
Project leader: Mgr. Hudec Jozef PhD.
Annotation:The Duweym Wad Haj site is located on the left bank of the Nile River, opposite the UNESCO site of Gebel Barkal, the southern residence of the Ancient Egyptian god Amun. Based on surveys, an ancient temple is expected to be discovered under the old mosque at the Duweym site. The occurrence of temples on the left bank of the Nile River proves also the Sanam site. The project is based on an interdisciplinary co-operation between humanities and natural sciences and on modern excavation and documentation methods. An emphasis is also placed on conservation of cultural heritage. The project consists of three main parts: (1) archaeological interdisciplinary research in the Sudan, (2) scientific research in Slovakia, and (3) popularization. The main objectives of the project include gaining new knowledge of the site through basic research, confirming the presence of the temple architecture, the 3D documenting of architecture, and exploring the construction and settlement history in the context of sacral architecture in space and the surroundings. The fulfilment of the project objectives is real due to previous experience, the professional interdisciplinary team and the background in Sudan.
Duration: 1.8.2018 - 31.7.2022

The total number of projects: 3