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The list of international projects SAS

Centre for Advanced Materials Application SAS

Enhancing the Mechanical Stability of Interfaces in Solid-state Li-ion Batteries for Energy-intensive Applications

Zvýšenie mechanickej stability rozhraní v pevnolátkových lítium-iónových batériách pre energeticky náročné aplikácie

Duration: 1.5.2022 - 30.4.2025
Program: ERANET
Project leader: Dr. rer. nat. Šiffalovič Peter DrSc.
Annotation:The Glasgow 2021 climate conference highlighted the importance of reducing CO2 emissions. These efforts require a stronger move towards sustainable energy sources and storage. The rationale for this project is to advance a new generation of emerging solid-state Li batteries (SSLB) that can eliminate the risks and energy density issues associated with conventional liquid electrolyte-based Li-ion batteries (LIBs). To achieve this goal, five leading research groups and a major EU technology company have developed the following strategy to address the current SSLB challenges. We rely on multicomponent engineering of the cathode material and its interface with the solid electrolyte to prevent voltage-induced contact loss during charge/discharge, which impairs electron/ion transfer, and thus improve SSLB performance and lifetime. Potential benefits are seen in the use of SSLBs as a real alternative to LIBs to replace fossil fuels in the automotive industry.

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