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Literatúra na rozhraní technológií
Bogumiła Suwara Number ORCID

Literatúra na rozhraní technológií

Literature in the Impact Zone of Technology
VEDA, vydavateľstvo Slovenskej akadémie vied, Ústav svetovej literatúry SAV, v. v. i.
Published: 31. 1. 2023
About monography:
Over the last few decades, information and communication technologies have revealed the crisis of linguistic representation and profoundly affected not only the process of creating text and images, but also the processes of cultural, literary, and academic communication and, ultimately, the critical examination of literature.
The first chapters of the monograph focus on the visualization of text as the first aspect of these phenomena, which is examined both in poetological contexts (ekphrasis, subversive ekphrasis), and in the juxtaposition of words and fragments of texts, which
aligns with semiotic codes of the visual arts, on the one hand, and the new media art, on the other. The second aspect is the hybridization of text and image, presented in the article as a process of redefining photography: a move away from the understanding of photography as a trace of reality and towards its text-forming and narrative functions. The author demonstrates this process with examples from contemporary Polish and Slovak literature. At the same time, photography and its visual contents are understood as a technological and culturally determined paradigm, which provides concepts for interpreting hybrid literary works or new media works.
Another aspect of the interface between literature and technology is the computational genealogy of the new media literary form – hypertext. In these contexts, the
author concentrates on creating new cultural practices associated with the interactivity of new media, the transformation of analogue culture into digital culture, and the relocation of literature and visual arts to the peripheries of communication and technological innovations. Through analyses of interactivity and hypermedia, the article presents the current state of the cognitive assemblage of human and technological agency reflected in the posthuman context as a cyborg double. This metaphor reverberates through technologically specific literary production, specifically code poetry. The technologization of literature renders the computer as an intelligent typewriter, and poetry
as an interface of natural and computerized language that makes poetry a platform for expressing its source codes. It is concluded that code poetry should be understood as “poetry from the spirit” of algorithms.
The last chapters of the monograph present the impact of information technologies on the methods of literary studies (exemplified by ergodic literature theory), on
academic communication (exemplified by a PowerPoint presentation) and reflects on the limits of domestication of digital literature in the field of national literature (creators of analogue literature versus creators of digital literature).
309 pages
Language: Slovak
technologization of literature, visualization of text, hybridization of text and image, hypertext, hypermediality, interactivity, new media, code poetry, digital literature
About edition:
Publishers: VEDA, vydavateľstvo Slovenskej akadémie vied, Ústav svetovej literatúry SAV, v. v. i.
Edition: 1.
Edition place: Bratislava
Edition year: 2022
ISBN 978-80-224-1974-1 (print)
Book type: monography
How to cite:
ISO 690:
Suwara, B.: Literatúra na rozhraní technológií. 1 vyd. Bratislava : VEDA, vydavateľstvo Slovenskej akadémie vied, Ústav svetovej literatúry SAV, v. v. i.. 2022. pp. 309. ISBN 978-80-224-1974-1. Dostupné na: https://doi.org/10.31577/2022.9788022419741

Suwara, B. (2022). Literatúra na rozhraní technológií. Bratislava : VEDA, vydavateľstvo Slovenskej akadémie vied, Ústav svetovej literatúry SAV, v. v. i.. ISBN 978-80-224-1974-1. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31577/2022.9788022419741