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Stavebnosť básne
Ján Zambor

Stavebnosť básne

The constructedness of a poem
Published: 19. 9. 2021
About monography:
In this extensive collection of essays The constructedness of a poem, the university lecturer, literary scholar, poet and translator Ján Zambor offers in-depth reflections on the meaning of the poetry of outstanding Slovak poets (e. g., Hviezdoslav, Krasko, Válek, Stacho, Mihalkovič, Strážay, Buzássy, Andraščík, Prokešová), as well as the function of sound in Russian poetry and the specifics of translation. The index includes poetic terms. The substantial publication is intended for general readers interested in poetry and literary translation, as well as students of literature.
365 pages
About edition:
Publisher: LIC
Edition: 1.
Edition place: Bratislava
Edition year: 2018
ISBN 978-80-811-9115-2 (print)
Book type: other
How to cite:
ISO 690:
Zambor, J.: Stavebnosť básne. 1 vyd. Bratislava : LIC. 2018. pp. 365. ISBN 978-80-811-9115-2.

Zambor, J. (2018). Stavebnosť básne. Bratislava : LIC. ISBN 978-80-811-9115-2.