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Chatam Sofer
Peter Salner ed. Number ORCID

Chatam Sofer : Veľký zázrak sa stal

Marenčin PT, spol. s. r. o.
About monography:
abbi Chatam Sofer (real name Moše Schreiber) is today part of the multicultural pantheon of personalities of Bratislava. He belongs to the greatest spiritual authorities of traditional Judaism. During his tenure, the yeshiva of Prešporok was one of the most prominent educational institutions in the Jewish world. After years of being forgotten, it received a postage stamp, a commemorative coin, the alley Sofer´s stairs, and in 2002, the Chatam Sofer Memorial was inaugurated. The Bratislava public, Jewish believers, and tourists worldwide can admire the modern building, which respects the strict religious traditions of Judaism.

The book, compiled by Peter Salner, brings authentic insights into the personality of the famous rabbi, but also into the destruction and complex rescue of the cemetery where he is buried. Judaist Maroš Borský writes about the life and works of Chatam Sofer, diplomat Martin Bútora contributed to the restoration of the Monument from the position of the Slovak ambassador to the USA, architect Martin Kvasnica is the author of the monument project, ethnologist Peter Salner coordinated the communication of the Bratislava community, local authorities and religious Jews from the USA and Israel, employees of RAFT company Vladimír Mühl, Roman Koprda and Michal Čulen participated in the construction of the Monument. There are also observations by Jozef Stašek and Otto Macháč, who accompany the visitors, and Martin Mózer's memories of making a film documentary about the Sofer dynasty.
223 pages
Language: Slovak
judaism, Rabbi Chatam Sofer
About edition:
Publisher: Marenčin PT, spol. s. r. o.
Edition: 1.
Edition place: Bratislava
Edition year: 2023
ISBN 978-80-569-1101-3 (print)
Book type: edited book
How to cite:
ISO 690:
Salner, P. ed.: Chatam Sofer : Veľký zázrak sa stal. 1 vyd. Bratislava : Marenčin PT, spol. s. r. o.. 2023. pp. 223. ISBN 978-80-569-1101-3.

Salner, P ed. (2023). Chatam Sofer : Veľký zázrak sa stal. Bratislava : Marenčin PT, spol. s. r. o.. ISBN 978-80-569-1101-3.