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Prof. Ken Phillips during his first lecture.

Modern Developments in Solar and Stellar Spectroscopy

21. 5. 2010 | 2530 visits
Prof. Kenneth Phillips, visiting professor of the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, affiliated with the University College London (UK), gave a course of lectures…

… on the topic of the solar and stellar X-ray and UV spectroscopy on May 17-21, 2010 at the Astronomical Institute (AISAS) of the Slovak Academy of Sciences at Tatranska Lomnica.

The course was focused on the basics of atomic physics and spectroscopy, spectra of the photosphere and chromosphere, and especially of the solar and stellar corona. The lectures aimed at showing how spectroscopy can be applied to determine physical properties (densities, temperatures, etc.) of solar coronal plasma as observed by SOHO, Hinode, and other currently available instruments on-board space-borne satellites.

The course was aimed at undergraduates and PhD students from the AISAS at Tatranska Lomnica and from universities in Slovakia where astrophysics courses are offered (Bratislava and Kosice). With a pleasure students from other universities - Brno, Prague, Wroclaw (Poland) were also welcome. In total more than 20 students took part in the course, and some staff members of the AISAS attended selected lectures.

More details about the course of lectures can be found at the web page of the course - http://www.astro.sk/~choc/open/10_kp_spec/10_kp_spec.html .

The course was organized and supported by the AISAS – Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences located at the Tatranska Lomnica.

The Department of Solar Physics of the AISAS has been collaborating with prof. K. Phillips on a project focused on finding observational evidence for high-frequency oscillations in the plasma of the solar corona using instrument SECIS attached to the coronagraph of the Lomnicky Peak Observatory of the AISAS.