Workshop with institutes from Singapore

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On thusday March of 14th in Smolenice in the presence of the Slovak Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport prof. Peter Plavčan and President of SAS prof. Paul Šajgalík, an international workshop began in cooperation between the Slovak Academy of Sciences, and three prominent scientific institutions from Singapore.

SAS representatives welcomed representatives of the National University of Singapore, University of Technology Nyanag and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research of Singapore at the SAS Congress Centre. Minister of Education Peter Plavčan and SAS President Paul Šajgalík welcomed these new opportunities for scientific cooperation which increase research potential in global trends and accelerate the progress of scientific activity.

"The aim of the workshop is to initiate various scientific contacts among developed institutions from Singapore and the Slovak Academy of Sciences," emphasized SAS Vice President RNDr. Eva Majková, DrSc., one of the initiators of SAS international cooperation expansion. This is about participation of SAS scientific policy in the interests of establishing and expanding contacts with the most advanced institutions in the world. "Singapore has very successful programs to attract young scientists. Its Universities are multinational, and communication within them is through English. Moreover, they provide housing at a reasonable price to graduate students until they get on their feet and they come to Singapore for the short and medium scientific stays without obligation to the residences and possible problems with the purchase and subsequent sale of apartments. Singapore does not restrict the mobility of young scientists. "

The workshop program consists of four days of sessions by SAS leading experts from different scientific disciplines, as well as scientific representatives from the Singapore institutions.

"We are developing contacts with countries that are at the cutting edge of scientific and technical development and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs supports the activities of SAS and our universities," commented Ambassador with a special mission for science and innovation JUDr. Igor Hajdušek. "Firstly, we open the door to foreign countries while participating in the creation of domestic strategies and scientific policy, which signals where our priority areas are and in what sectors we compete for international cooperation."
We will inform you on the course of the workshop and its conclusion in Smolenice which ends on Friday. (spn)

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Veľvyslanec s osobitným poslaním pre vedu a inovácie Igor Hajdušek pri úvodnom príhovore v Smoleniciach.
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Peter Plavčan, Pavol Šajgalík a Igor Hajdušek za predsedníckym stolom pri otváraní workshopu.
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Účastníkom workshopu sa prihovoril aj minister školstva Peter Plavčan.