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... Department of Muscle Cell Research, IMPG CBs SAS. Pavilion of Medical Sciences built modern space for our work, which we gradually humanize. Marta Novotová contributed in an original way. Together with Martin Baláž from the Faculty of Architecture, STU they collaborate on the project Research by design, within which they created artworks inspired by the microcosm that we study. Our corridors are now decorated by images selected from the still-growing collection of artworks of Marta and Martin. We agreed, the artworks are close to our souls. They are as beautiful as the micro-cosmos of cells that we study. The works originated from black and white images of ultrathin slices taken by digital camera and electron microscope. The slices cut from a millimetre-size cube of plasticised samples of a tissue were about 50 to 80 nm thin, that is, 10,000 times thinner than the finest prosciutto. The images were taken at magnification of 10,000 times or more, thus 1 micrometre in a cell could reach up to 100 millimetres in its image. The final artworks were created by transformation of a thousand shades of grey in the master image to the space of colours with no change in proportions, only by the imagination of authors supported by modern computer graphics. Come visit us!
Alexandra Zahradníková

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Interiér Oddelenia pre výskum svalových buniek.
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Marta Novotová a Martin Baláž.