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Institute: Institute of Normal and Pathological Physiology

Dohoda o spolupráci medzi ÚNPF SAV a Ústavom základného psychologického výskumu a výskumných metód Fakulty psychológie Univerzity Viedeň
Program: Inter-institute agreement
Project leader: MUDr. Riečanský Igor PhD.
Duration: 1.4.2015 - 31.12.2017

Postural and core stability in association with respiratory functions in healthy and lung transplant individuals
Stabilita postoja a trupu vo vzťahu k respiračným funkciám u zdravých jedincov a po transplantácii pľúc
Program: Bilateral - other
Project leader: Ing. Hlavačka František CSc.
Annotation:Lung transplantation has been shown to be effective as a treatment for fatal and severe cardiopulmonary diseases. In addition to survival, one goal of performing lung transplantation is improvement in functioning and health. Several factors contribute to the maximal work capacity achievable after transplantation. Before surgery, patients are usually debilitated from the primary disease and long-term inactivity, and the unavoidable complications of allograft transplantation,mainly lung resection, and toxic effects of immunosuppressant therapy contribute to the reduced functional capacity. While numerous investigators have described the features of the respiratory and skeletal muscle function before and after surgery, little information is currently available regarding the functional outcomes, such as strength and power, speed of step initiation, postural and core stability, and so forth. It is mainly due to a lack of a standard evaluation system of these abilities. Recently, we have developed new methodology for assessment of postural sway and breathing movements of the chest using wireless accelerometers. Yet, it was not tested in lung transplant patients and no investigations related to the relationship of variables of neuromuscular and cardiorespiratory functions were carried out. Therefore, we will assess postural and core stability, muscle strength and cardiorespiratory functions using posturography, surface EMG, accelerometry and clinical tests in healthy young and elderly individuals and lung transplant patients. The findings will serve as a basis for better understanding of association between related variables in these people. As a result of the project will be elaborated methodology for testing of neuromuscular and cardiorespiratory functions using novel techniques specifically designed for target population. Such objective and less time-consuming assessment can be well fitted in an out-patients department and complement so existing diagnostic methods.
Duration: 1.1.2016 - 31.12.2017

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