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Preliminary Announcement - European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases (EJP RD)

Vložil(a): J. Barančík, 25.11.2018, videné 185-krát

Call for Proposals 2019
"Transnational research projects to accelerate diagnosis and/or explore disease progression and mechanisms of rare diseases”
The ERA-Net E-Rare has successfully implemented ten Joint Transnational Calls for rare disease research projects since 2006. This effort is now continued in the frame of the European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases (EJP RD) that has been established to further help in coordinating the research efforts of European, Associated and non-European countries in the field of rare diseases and implement the objectives of the International Rare Disease Research Consortium (IRDiRC).
The funding organisations including the Slovak Academy of Sciences intend to open the first EJP RD Joint Transnational Call (JTC 2019) for funding multilateral research projects on rare diseases together with the European Commission (EC) under the EJP-COFUND mechanism. The call is expected to be opened simultaneously by the above-mentioned funding organisations in their respective countries/regions.
The aim of the call is to enable scientists in different countries to build an effective collaboration on a common interdisciplinary research project based on complementarities and sharing of expertise, with a clear benefit for patients.
Topic: Research projects to accelerate diagnosis and/or explore disease progression and mechanisms of rare diseases.
Transnational research proposals must cover at least one of the following areas, which are equal in relevance for this call:
a. Research to accelerate diagnosis, e.g:
• New schemes for finding diagnosis for undiagnosed patients;
• Improved annotation and interpretation of variants and development of diagnostic tests for the more prevalent variants;
• Novel modalities of functional analysis of candidate variants through in vitro, cell, tissue or animal studies.
• -omic or multi-omic integrated approaches for discovery of disease causes and mechanisms including development of relevant bioinformatic tools;
b. Research to explore disease progression and mechanisms, e.g:
• Natural history studies and patient registries (also for clinical trial readiness). Whenever possible these should include development and use of patient reported outcome measures. In addition, the exploration of the use of standardized M-Health-based surveillance instruments and of patient entered data to gather information for natural history studies is welcome;
• Identification of clinical biomarkers, clinical outcome measures and surrogate endpoints;
• Identification of novel pathophysiological pathways in appropriate disease models that effectively mimic the human condition.
There will be a two-stage submission procedure for joint applications: pre-proposals and full proposals.
The call is scheduled to open on December 14, 2018.
The indicative deadline for submitting the pre-proposals is foreseen for February 14, 2019. An independent international Scientific Evaluation Committee will carry out a scientific evaluation according to specific evaluation criteria. Based on this central evaluation, selected consortia will be invited to submit a full proposal by early May 2019 (indicative deadline for full proposals: June 11, 2019).

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International Cooperation Dpt., Slovak Academy of Sciences