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In: Geografický časopis, vol. 53, no. 4
Ivana Barčáková

Prístupy k hodnoteniu estetickej (vizuálnej) kvality krajiny


Rok, strany: 2001, 343 - 356
Kľúčové slová:
integrated landscape research, perceived landscape, aesthetic quality, objective and subjective approaches

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The integrated approach in landscape research leans on the conception of landscape as a material and perceptual unity. Evaluation of the quality of visible objects in landscape and simultaneously evaluation of impression of the people who observe this landscape makes it possible to evaluate its aesthetic value. While evaluating the qualitative properties of landscape the problem of application of objective criteria of evaluation often appears. The paper deals with the methods existing in the landscape-ecological, socio-geographic research and in the sphere of territorial planning and creation of landscape, which are judged from the point of view of using the entry data and evaluating criteria, the way of presentation of obtained results and their application in practical life. The aim of the author was to enlighten the essence of objective and subjective approaches to the problem.

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Barčáková, I. 2001. Prístupy k hodnoteniu estetickej (vizuálnej) kvality krajiny. In Geografický časopis, vol. 53, no.4, pp. 343-356. ISSN 0016-7193.

Barčáková, I. (2001). Prístupy k hodnoteniu estetickej (vizuálnej) kvality krajiny. Geografický časopis, 53(4), 343-356. ISSN 0016-7193.