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In: Asian and African Studies


Eyüp Bacanli

ISSN 1335-1257 (print) 2585-8793 (onl

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Institute of Oriental Studies

Rok, strany / Year, pages: 2019, 332-364

Jazyk / Language: eng

Publikované / Published: 26. 11. 2019

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This article addresses the stems and suffixes which deviate from the generalized phonological rules in individual Turkic languages. This means I am dealing with a kind of lexical allomorphy of both stems and suffixes in inflection. Cases of suppletion, augmented or shortened stems, restricted suffixes are outside the scope of this article. The examination part of the article consists of two main sections: i) dealing with the stems that change or resist change contrary to acting phonological rules in a language, ii) examining the stems which combine with an irrelevant allomorph of an inflectional suffix, again in contradiction to acting phonological rules in a given language. My data is extracted from the Turkological literature and my own knowledge of some Turkic languages. Some of the examples are unique to an individual language, whereas others are shared by some other languages. Some are related to certain lexemes, whereas the others in a specific language may affect all the lexemes having the same/similar phonological features. Determining them is crucial for our understanding of the morphology of Turkic languages. Discussing the reasons that led to such deviations is necessary to understand the triggering factors for a given phonological exception in the course of language change.

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Bacanli, E. 2019. DEVIATIONS FROM THE GENERALIZED PHONOLOGICAL RULES IN TURKIC LANGUAGES. In Asian and African Studies, vol. 28, no.2, pp. 332-364.

Bacanli, E. (2019). DEVIATIONS FROM THE GENERALIZED PHONOLOGICAL RULES IN TURKIC LANGUAGES. Asian and African Studies, 28(2), 332-364.

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Morphophonology, irregularity, exception, deviation, Turkic languages

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