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Vplyv zmien využívania krajiny na eróziu půdy v katatrálnych územiach Ľubá a Belá (Hronská pahorkatina)

Viera Petlušová - Peter Petluš - Juraj Hreško

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Rok, strany / Year, pages: 2017, 245-262

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Publikované / Published: 0000-00-00

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The mountainous landscape of Slovakia has significant potential for agricultural production. The most dominant land use elements in the studied area are arable land, permanent grasslands and vineyards. The aim of the paper is to assess the impact of land use changes on the extent of soil erosion in the chosen area of Hronská pahorkatina upland. Identification of erosion areas was implemented on the basis of aerial photographs and field surveys. The land use assessment was carried out by comparing changes in land use between the years 1841 – 1949 and 1949 – 2016. The type of land use changes such as intensification, preservation and extensification was determined subsequently. The study was based on the assessment of the ecological stability of individual land use elements. According to the intensity of the change, the high, the middle and the low land use change was determined. The most significant relationship between the type of land use change and soil erosion was recorded in the period 1949 – 2016 in the process of intensification. Here the land use has a greater impact on water erosion than the morphological-position attributes of the relief. A significant relationship was recorded also in the period 1841 – 1949. However, the morphological and positional characteristics of the relief have a greater impact on the development of erosion processes in this period of time. The Non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis test was used for the verification of the relationship. The statistical evaluation confirmed the relationship between land use change and soil erosion processes. The biggest land use changes and the agricultural process of intensification had already occurred in the first period of the assessment. However, it did not have a demonstrable effect on the development of the soil erosion processes. The development and growth of soil erosion areas occurred after collectivisation in 1949.

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agricultural land, soil erosion, land use change processes, Hronská pahorkatina upland, Slovakia

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