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Profesijný životopis

Prof.Dr.Ing. Martin-Tchingnabé Palou

Prof. Dr. Ing. Martin Tchingnabé Palou was born in 1962 in Chad. He was undergraduated in Natural Sciences in 1985 at Université du Tchad in Ndjamena. From 1987 to 1992 he studied and graduated in Silicate Technology at Faculty of Chemical Technology from Slovak High School of Technology in Bratislava. In 1995 he received Ph.D. degree in Chemical Technology and Engineering from the Slovak University of Technology Bratislava. From October 2003 he is associate professor of Inorganic Technology and Materials.
He has substantially contributed to the realization of Program Copernicus CIPA 94-0105 and also he is involved in many projects in Slovakia regarding development of new blended cements, reducing agent for hexavalent chromium, use of alternative fuels and raw materials etc. His research activity covers the following fields: Low-Energy Cements, special anorganic binders and Bioceramics for medical applications. Most of his scientific results are published in scientific journals with impact factor or in proceedings of national and international conferences and meetings.
Palou participated to five projects financed by the Slovak Ministry of Education and Sport (VEGA 2/703/0571/085/20, APVT No. 20-015904, VEGA1/0245/03, VEGA 1/0571/08, VEGA 1/0934/11), the latter three as scientific responsible for the research unit and was scientific supervisor of 5 PhD students.