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Odbor medzinárodnej spolupráce informuje

IS-ENES3 Workshop: Climate indices - Eastern European perspective

28. 4. 2021 | zhliadnuté 39-krát

The IS-ENES3 consortium organizes an online workshop ‘Climate indices - Eastern European perspective’. The workshop will be an online effort to collect information on the current status about usage and implementation of different climate indices in the region, which will be the starting point to draft requirements and recommendations for the future. It will be organized as two online meetings, combined with online surveys and online interviews between them.


Initial meeting: 17th May, 2021 (9:30 AM to 12:00 PM CEST)

Survey and interview : June and July, 2021

Final workshop: September, 2021

Registration deadline: 13th May, 2021


More information about this event and a registration link can be found at the IS-ENES3 website.