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CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS - Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences (QMSS)

1. 3. 2006 | videné 1409-krát
As every year, the QMSS Programme is issuing a Call for Participants in Workshop/Seminars.

Applications are invited for places on four workshop/seminars, supported by the Quantitative
Methods in the Social Sciences programme of the European Science Foundation. These integrated workshops and seminars will provide opportunities for junior researchers to undertake
high-level training in the latest developments in quantitative methods. They will also enable junior and senior researchers to interact and share ideas and expertise based upon recent research.
Applications should be sent by e-mail by 18 April 2006 to the Programme Coordinator, Mrs.
Julia D’Arrigo, at qmss@socsci.soton.ac.uk. All applicants will be informed about the outcome
through e-mail by the end of May 2006.

Further information about the programme is available via the ESF website at
http://www.esf.org/qmss or the QMSS website at http://www.s3ri.soton.ac.uk/qmss.