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Review CETAF and its 63 institutions join the European Commission Global Coalition “United for #Biodiversity”
[28.9.2020] 75x
Review Fairy Tales to be more attractive for children thanks to the SAS scientists
[25.9.2020] 472x
Review Computer algorithms that help children
[24.9.2020] 250x
Review Scientists from the Biomedical Research Center SAS are advancing in the research of a new coronavirus
[21.9.2020] 1190x
Review The Hydrogen Technology Research Centre to be established in Košice
[21.9.2020] 243x
Review The Centre of Experimental Medicine SAS has received finances for a project that will help fight the pandemic
[16.9.2020] 419x
Review A National Competence Centre for High-Performance Computing Technology to be established in Slovakia
[14.9.2020] 342x
Review The SAS signed an agreement on scientific cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan
[11.9.2020] 300x
Review The President of the SAS received the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran
[9.9.2020] 301x
Review The Biomedical Research Center SAS can carry on with testing thanks to a donation from MultiplexDX
[9.9.2020] 776x
Review The Slovak Academy of Sciences is starting its own scientific podcast
[9.9.2020] 1847x
Review From September 1, 2020, Slovak Academy of Sciences became member of the national network of EURAXESS Slovakia centers
[1.9.2020] 415x
Review Thanks to scientists from the SAS, it will be easier to identify parasitic worms in the body
[20.8.2020] 790x
Review The unique archaeological site of Vráble-Fidvár compared with Mycenae
[19.8.2020] 1375x
Review A bold step in the right direction
[17.8.2020] 598x
Review A unique discovery at Bratislava Castle
[10.8.2020] 1240x
Review Slovakia has joined the call of the Distributed European Computer Initiative
[6.8.2020] 396x
Review Charles University in Prague and the Slovak Academy of Sciences signed a Memorandum of Cooperation within Doctoral Studies
[4.8.2020] 711x
Review SAS invites you to the Museum of Computers
[24.7.2020] 551x
Review The Visit of the Slovenian Minister of Education in the SAS
[22.7.2020] 383x