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Aplikácia novej klasifikácie textúry v geografii pôd Slovenska

In: Geografický časopis, vol. 65, no. 2
Zoltán Bedrna - Tomáš Orfánus
Rok, strany: 2013, 161 - 169
Kľúčové slová:
soil texture, classification, geography of soils, Slovakia
O článku:
Soil texture classification exists in various modifications in the majority of soil-classification systems in the world. Texture (fine-earth grain-size classes) of mineral soils within the Slovak morphogenetic classification of soils (Šály et al. 2000), is determined from the USDA triangle (Soil Survey Staff 2010). The histic (organic) soils have been classified according to the degree of organic matter decomposition as fibric, mesic, or sapric. The innovation of soil texture classification (Bedrna and Orfánus 2012, Orfánus and Bedrna 2012) is grounded in hierarchical division of soil texture into classes, groups, and kinds considering all relevant components of soil (fine-earth, skeleton and organic particles). The classification proposal confirms a separate textural class of psephitic soils (gravelly, stony and bouldery) but in the scope of organic-mineral soils establishes a completely new textural class of humolitic soils with 30-50% volumetric of organic matter (fibric and sapric). It also confirms histic soil class for organic soils with > 50% volumetric of organic matter (folic, fibric, mezic and sapric) present. The broader geographical and ecological context of the new soil-texture classification system is demonstrated on two examples; the first one – Jurský Šúr near Bratislava – represents wetland soil, while the second represents montane soil near Brezno (central Slovakia).
Ako citovať:
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Bedrna, Z., Orfánus, T. 2013. Aplikácia novej klasifikácie textúry v geografii pôd Slovenska. In Geografický časopis, vol. 65, no.2, pp. 161-169. 0016-7193.

Bedrna, Z., Orfánus, T. (2013). Aplikácia novej klasifikácie textúry v geografii pôd Slovenska. Geografický časopis, 65(2), 161-169. 0016-7193.