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Ontologies Supporting Intelligent Agent-Based Assistance

In: Computing and Informatics, vol. 30, no. 4
E. Paraiso - A. Malucelli
Rok, strany: 2011, 829 - 855
Kľúčové slová:
Ontology, personal assistant agents, intelligent assistance, semantic analysis, conversational interfaces, multi-agent systems
O článku:
Intelligent agent-based assistants are systems that try to simplify peoples work based on computers. Recent research on intelligent assistance has presented significant results in several and different situations. Building such a system is a difficult task that requires expertise in numerous artificial intelligence and engineering disciplines. A key point in this kind of system is knowledge handling. The use of ontologies for representing domain knowledge and for supporting reasoning is becoming wide-spread in many areas, including intelligent assistance. In this paper we present how ontologies can be used to support intelligent assistance in a multi-agent system context. We show how ontologies may be spread over the multi-agent system architecture, highlighting their role controlling user interaction and service description. We present in detail an ontology-based conversational interface for personal assistants, showing how to design an ontology for semantic interpretation and how the interpretation process uses it for semantic analysis. We also present how ontologies are used to describe decentralized services based on a multi-agent architecture.
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Paraiso, E., Malucelli, A. 2011. Ontologies Supporting Intelligent Agent-Based Assistance. In Computing and Informatics, vol. 30, no.4, pp. 829-855. 1335-9150.

Paraiso, E., Malucelli, A. (2011). Ontologies Supporting Intelligent Agent-Based Assistance. Computing and Informatics, 30(4), 829-855. 1335-9150.