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Umbrizem - nový pôdny typ na Slovensku

In: Geografický časopis, vol. 61, no. 4
Zoltán Bedrna - Pavel Dlapa - Michal Ďuriš - Jana Bútorová
Rok, strany: 2009, 291 - 300
Kľúčové slová:
Umbrisol, umbrizem, soil type, soil subtype
O článku:
The Umbric horizon is quoted in classifications of soils in Slovakia and the soil unit compared with the WRB taxonomy, the Dystric Cambisol is mentioned as Cambic and Haplic Umbrisol. Whereas Umbrisols are mentioned on the Soil Map of Europe, this soil type does not occur in the territory of Slovakia. The principal aim set for the grant task of geographic nature was to identify frequency of soils with Umbric horizon or even Umbrisol (national name Umbrizem) in Slovakia. A special soil survey in the alpine landscape of the Západné and Nízke Tatry Mountains ranges as well as in the Borska nížina Lowland identified such soils. The find is documented by descriptions and results of morphological, physical and chemical properties of these soils. Simultaneously, it is proposed to include the umbrizem type with the following subtypes: modal, anthropic, and gleyic as well as soil subtype umbrizemic to soil types Gleysol, Leptosol, Cambisol, Rendzic Leptosol and Calcaric Cambisol into the classification system of soils of Slovakia
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Bedrna, Z., Dlapa, P., Ďuriš, M., Bútorová, J. 2009. Umbrizem - nový pôdny typ na Slovensku. In Geografický časopis, vol. 61, no.4, pp. 291-300. 0016-7193.

Bedrna, Z., Dlapa, P., Ďuriš, M., Bútorová, J. (2009). Umbrizem - nový pôdny typ na Slovensku. Geografický časopis, 61(4), 291-300. 0016-7193.