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XXIII International Congress of the AILC-ICLA in Tbilisi

In: World Literature Studies, vol. 15, no. 1
Miloš Zelenka Číslo ORCID
Rok, strany: 2023, 102 - 109
Jazyk: eng
Kľúčové slová:
Comparative literature. World literature. “Literature of the world.” Theory of translation. Postcolonialism. Intercultural studies.
Typ článku: SPRÁVY/NEWS
Typ dokumentu: PDF
O článku:
This article is a report on the XXIII International Congress of the AILC-ICLA, a hybrid event dedicated to researching various aspects of world literature that was held in Tbilisi in July 2022. It evaluates the keynote papers presented by Irma Ratiani (Georgia), Marko Juvan (Slovenia), Toshiko Ellis (Japan) and Jennifer Wallace (UK). The main lecture on Central and East European literatures, Juvan’s keynote “How to Think World Literature from its Edge?” examined worldliness as both a global system based on international authorities and prestigious publishing houses and as a capillary worlding that, due to its minority character, popularizes the activities of lesser-known writers. The Congress’s viewpoint not from the perspective of the Anglophone “centers”, but from its margins, enabled the reflection of a number of other subtopics such as the issue of so-called minor literature, gender, postcolonialism, digital culture, intermediality, interculturality, etc. The general conclusions reached at the Congress can be formulated as follows: 1. the reinterpretation of comparative literature from institutional and thematic perspectives, 2. the point of view of so-called small literatures, and 3. the revitalization of the term “national literature”.
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Zelenka, M. 2023. XXIII International Congress of the AILC-ICLA in Tbilisi. In World Literature Studies, vol. 15, no.1, pp. 102-109. 1337-9275. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31577/WLS.2023.15.1.8

Zelenka, M. (2023). XXIII International Congress of the AILC-ICLA in Tbilisi. World Literature Studies, 15(1), 102-109. 1337-9275. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31577/WLS.2023.15.1.8
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Vydavateľ: Ústav svetovej literatúry SAV, v. v. i.
Publikované: 30. 3. 2023