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On Formal Polish-Slovak Lexical Differences.

In: Slavica Slovaca, vol. 37, no. 2
Ferdinand Buffa
Rok, strany: 2002, 97 - 106
Kľúčové slová:
Linguistics. Comparative linguistics. Literary Polish and Slovak languages. Lexis. Partial formal dif-ference. Absolutely formal difference.
O článku:
The author, going out from the analysies of rich lexical material, refers to various types and stages of the formal differences between Polish and Slovak equivalent names in the field of substantives and multi-verbal denominations. At the same time he comes from the minimal formal differences, e.g. only in affi-xes or in irrelevant expansion element at multi-verbal names through the greater differences (especially occurring in polysemantic words and asymmetric equivalents) up to formally quite different names.
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ISO 690:
Buffa, F. 2002. On Formal Polish-Slovak Lexical Differences.. In Slavica Slovaca, vol. 37, no.2, pp. 97-106. 0037-6787 .

Buffa, F. (2002). On Formal Polish-Slovak Lexical Differences.. Slavica Slovaca, 37(2), 97-106. 0037-6787 .