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Reception of literature generated by artificial neural networks

In: World Literature Studies, vol. 14, no. 1
Zuzana Husárová Číslo ORCID - Karel Piorecký Číslo ORCID
Rok, strany: 2022, 44 - 60
Jazyk: eng
Kľúčové slová:
Literature by neural networks. Neural networks. GPT-2 model. Generative literature. Artificial poetry. Literary metareading of artificiality.
Typ článku: štúdie - téma / articles - topic
Typ dokumentu: pdf
O článku:
This article introduces the phenomenon of literature generated by artificial neural networks, with specific examples of texts created in the Czech and Slovak cultural environment. It follows the historical background connected with generative and combinatory poetics and later describes the principles of data processing used by neural networks work; it also presents the parameters of their machine learning. The focus lies on the reception of these artificial texts in the media and in literary studies, leading to the proposition of two reading types specialized for these works: “reading of artificiality” and “literary metareading”, while rehabilitating Mathauser’s term of “metahability”. The study concludes by suggesting “literary metareading of artificiality” as a term that would combine the aforementioned approaches into a new reception of neural network literature.
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Husárová, Z., Piorecký, K. 2022. Reception of literature generated by artificial neural networks. In World Literature Studies, vol. 14, no.1, pp. 44-60. 1337-9275. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31577/WLS.2022.14.1.4

Husárová, Z., Piorecký, K. (2022). Reception of literature generated by artificial neural networks. World Literature Studies, 14(1), 44-60. 1337-9275. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31577/WLS.2022.14.1.4
O vydaní:
Vydavateľ: ÚSvL SAV, v. v. i.
Publikované: 6. 4. 2022