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Periglaciálne prostredie

In: Geografický časopis, vol. 32, no. 1
Rudolf Midriak
Rok, strany: 1980, 44 - 60
Jazyk: slo
Typ dokumentu: článok/journal
O článku:
On the basis of world’s knowledge, this work evaluates qualitatively the marks of periglacial environment as well as the position of this environment within the system of climatomorphogenetic regions. A special attention has been paid to the individual types of periglacial environment, to its characteristic marks and to terminological problems. The author suggests to distinguish the so called active periniveoglacial environment with a simultaneous occurrence of glaciers and that without the simultaneous occurrence of glaciers (further divided by the geoecological type of landscape), and passive periglacial environment. The intensity of main morphogenetic processes in periglacial environmental types is mentioned self-containedly.
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ISO 690:
Midriak, R. 1980. Periglaciálne prostredie. In Geografický časopis, vol. 32, no.1, pp. 44-60. 0016-7193.

Midriak, R. (1980). Periglaciálne prostredie. Geografický časopis, 32(1), 44-60. 0016-7193.
O vydaní:
Vydavateľ: Geografický ústav SAV/Institute of Geography of the Slovak Academy of Sciences