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In: Mathematica Slovaca

On independent sets

A. D. Forbes - M. J. Grannell - T. S. Griggs

ISSN 0139-9918

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Rok, strany / Year, pages: 2005, 375-377

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Publikované / Published: 0000-00-00

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In a general set-theoretic context, an independent set is defined as a set which avoids certain specified structures called blocks. A formula is given for the number of independent sets of cardinality $k$ in terms of the numbers of configurations (i.e. non-empty collections) of blocks.

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Forbes, A., Grannell, M., Griggs, T. 2005. On independent sets. In Mathematica Slovaca, vol. 55, no.4, pp. 375-377.

Forbes, A., Grannell, M., Griggs, T. (2005). On independent sets. Mathematica Slovaca, 55(4), 375-377.

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