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Jezička reforma Vuka Karadžića i stvaranje srpskog književnog jezika (istorijski pogled i aktuelno stanje)

In: Slavica Slovaca, vol. 53, no. 2
Kristina Đorđević
Rok: 2018
Kľúčové slová:
Vuk Karadžić, Language reform of Serbian language, Serbian Dictionary (1818), new language variants of Shtokavian.
Typ článku: Rozhľady
O článku:
The inspiration for writing this paper is Serbian Dictionary Bicentennial. In the year 2018. ending two hundred years anniversary since the first edition of Serbian Dictionary (Српски рјечник 1818) written by Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, in which the author used for the first time his reformed alphabet and announced the results of his Serbian Cyrillic Reform. The main goal of the work is a chronological presentation of Serbian language codification, with a brief overview of the historical circumstances at that time. Attention will be dedicated to the current issues of the formation of new language variants of Shtokavian.
O vydaní:
Publikované: 11. 12. 2018