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In: Asian and African Studies, vol. 27, no. 2
Daniela Zhang-Cziráková
Rok, strany: 2018, 233 - 244
Jazyk: eng
Typ článku: Interview
O článku:
Oldřich Král (13September 1930 – 21 June 2018) was a famous sinologist, translator and literary theorist. Although he started studying sinology by coincidence, he became one of the most productive translators of Chinese literature, poetry, philosophy and art theory in the Czech Republic. This interview, which I conducted with him in 2014, was originally prepared for his Festschrift in China . After I asked Oldřich Král, who used to be my Ph. D. supervisor, for the interview, he agreed, but suggested to not just answering the prepared questions, since he more preferred a relaxed conversation, in turn making it more authentic. Although it was meant for a Chinese scholar journal, I noticed that the content is much more appealing to Western readers, especially for people living in the region of former Czechoslovakia as it is concerns our recent history, and he references many features typical of our cultural background. It has been approved by him in the Chinese version; the English published here has been shortened. I slightly changed a few of my questions. During the translation of the interview I realized on several occasions that I would like to ask him far more than I did, although this is no longer possible.
Ako citovať:
ISO 690:
Zhang-Cziráková, D. 2018. AN INTERVIEW WITH OLDŘICH KRÁL. In Asian and African Studies, vol. 27, no.2, pp. 233-244. 1335-1257.

Zhang-Cziráková, D. (2018). AN INTERVIEW WITH OLDŘICH KRÁL. Asian and African Studies, 27(2), 233-244. 1335-1257.
O vydaní:
Vydavateľ: Institute of Oriental Studies
Publikované: 15. 11. 2018