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Mária Potemrová a hudobná regionalistika

In: Musicologica Slovaca , vol. 8, no. 1
Jana Lengová Číslo ORCID
Rok, strany: 2017, 123 - 130
Typ článku: Materiály
O článku:
Mária Potemrová (1922 – 2015) is regarded as the Nestor of musicology in the east Slovakian city of Košice, where she spent her entire life. Originally she completed studies at the University of Commerce; later, as an external student she graduated in musicology from Comenius University in Bratislava (1954 – 1959). At the Conservatory in Košice (1956 – 1986) she taught history of music and musical aesthetics, and she stressed the need for a complex musical education. As a music historian she specialised in musical regionalistics, specifically on the musical culture of eastern Slovakia and most especially of the city of Košice. Apart from her key monograph Hudobný život v Košiciach v rokoch 1848 – 1918 (Musical Life in Košice from 1848 to 1945), published in 1981, she also produced important works on music education in Košice, on the music history of the towns of Prešov, Rožňava and Bardejov, and on several composers (O. Hemerka, K. Hodytz, J. Grešák). She was also active as a publicist and in organisational and editorial activity.
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Lengová, J. 2017. Mária Potemrová a hudobná regionalistika. In Musicologica Slovaca , vol. 8, no.1, pp. 123-130. 1338-2594.

Lengová, J. (2017). Mária Potemrová a hudobná regionalistika. Musicologica Slovaca , 8(1), 123-130. 1338-2594.