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Po stopách Budínskeho/Bratislavského antifonára III

In: Musicologica Slovaca , vol. 7, no. 2
Eva Veselovská Číslo ORCID
Rok, strany: 2016, 222 - 248
Kľúčové slová:
Middle Ages, antiphonary, Bratislava, notation
Typ článku: 1 Štúdie
O článku:
The Buda or so-called Bratislava Antiphonary III(Archive of the City of Bratislava) is one of the most important sources of music culture in medieval Hungary. It is one of the representative manuscripts of the principal ecclesiastical centre of the country, Estergom. The manuscript was produced in the last third of the 15th century under the powerful Renaissance influence of the scriptorium in Buda, or directly in the Buda scriptorium itself. It is the only manuscript source which documents the influence of the art of the Buda Royal Court in Bratislava. By a detailed comparison and exact accordance of codicological and musico-palaeographic components, several lost folios of the Buda/Bratislava Antiphonary III were identified in the recent past. Seven pages of this manuscript are currently held by the St. Adalbert Society in Trnava and one torn folio is lodged in the Archive of the Slovak National Museum; 38 fragments from the second part of this manuscript may be found in the Austrian National Library in Vienna.
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Veselovská, E. 2016. Po stopách Budínskeho/Bratislavského antifonára III. In Musicologica Slovaca , vol. 7, no.2, pp. 222-248. 1338-2594.

Veselovská, E. (2016). Po stopách Budínskeho/Bratislavského antifonára III. Musicologica Slovaca , 7(2), 222-248. 1338-2594.