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Témy doktorandského štúdia

Elektrotechnický ústav SAV, v. v. i.

Názov témy
3D computer modelling of superconducting power applications
Program DŠ
Fyzikálne inžinierstvo
Meno školiteľa/-ky
Mgr. Enric Pardo, PhD.
Prijímajúca škola
Fakulta elektrotechniky a informatiky STU
Stručná anotácia
The goal of this PhD is to develop novel three-dimensional computer modelling methods for superconducting electric power applications, such as motors and generators for electric aircrafts and superconducting magnets. Modelling will be focusses on electro-magnetic and electro-thermal properties. The student will start using our in-house numerical modelling programs and later develop their own. Therefore, skills in general purpose programming languages like C++ and python will be very welcome. Parallel computing strategies will also be explored. The student will benefit from the international collaboration within the framework of the European superEMFL project, with the final goal of designing the superconducitng magnet with the highest magnetic field in Europe, and a European COST action (COST CA19108), aimed to short visits and other international collaboration in the field of superconducting power applications.