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Témy doktorandského štúdia

Centrum spoločenských a psychologických vied SAV, v. v. i.

Názov témy
Migration politics and policies: determinants of change, actors and dynamics
Program DŠ
Európske štúdiá a politiky
Meno školiteľa/-ky
Mgr., MA Lucia Mýtna Kureková, PhD.
Prijímajúca škola
Fakulta sociálnych a ekonomických vied UK
Stručná anotácia
Migration has been a critical component of the European societies, and it is likely to dominate policy and political agendas in the coming years. Central European governments have thus far taken a conservative stance towards immigration of third country nationals, and have shown relatively poor integration efforts. However, the numbers of incoming migrants in these countries continue to rise dynamically, also due to the Russian aggression in Ukraine which initiated massive refugee flows towards Central European countries. This is likely to pose pressures on enhanced integration, and might shape public opinion about migration. Economic and social costs and benefits of migration are shaped by how well immigrants integrate in receiving societies and labour markets.

This dissertation will analyse political context and migration policy-making in Central Europe, focusing both in immigration as well as integration policies. It will track changes in migration and integration policies from the past to present, and, using mixed research methods, it will analyse determinants of change, actors and dynamics of change in immigrant admission and/or integration policies. It might also evaluate whether migration policies are effective in changing immigrant flows and their characteristics (composition), and study micro-level factors shaping decisions of migrants to stay, move on or return to their country of origin. Relatedly, this research will study to what extent migration public policy is informed by existing evidence about effectiveness of migration and integration policies. Research will primarily focus on Slovakia, but could be extended in a comparative design to other countries in the Central European region or in the European Union, or to various immigrant groups.
This dissertation will be closely linked to the Horizon Europe project PACES, commencing in Spring 2023.