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Review SAS laboratories joined the international EU-NETVAL network
[18.11.2020] 280x
Review Recommendations by the International Advisory Board to the leadership of the SAS
[18.11.2020] 313x
Review Jupiter and Saturn to "chase" each other in the night sky
[16.11.2020] 465x
Review Success in the Lush Prize competition
[13.11.2020] 227x
Review The ALIVE project – how to teach biology in a fun way - has started
[13.11.2020] 182x
Review Botanists from the Slovak Academy of Sciences have been mapping the Slovak flora already for more than 50 years
[13.11.2020] 325x
Review German Ambassador Barbara Wolf visited the SAS
[11.11.2020] 281x
Review Evaluation meeting of members of the International Advisory Board with representatives of the SAS
[10.11.2020] 393x
Review The Week of Science and Technology begins on Monday
[9.11.2020] 754x
Review UNESCO has declared November 10 as World Science Day for Peace and Development
[9.11.2020] 202x
Review New concretes can help environment protection
[6.11.2020] 378x
Review SAS continues in its most successful project to fight against brain drain
[2.11.2020] 591x
Review Outstanding young scientist Tamás Csanádi investigates deformations of brittle ceramics
[30.10.2020] 296x
Review Scientists at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry SAS run a unique laboratory
[27.10.2020] 646x
Review Comet NEOWISE to shine in the sky once again
[22.10.2020] 440x
Review The SAS archaeologists present an application that will allow a virtual exhibition of artefacts
[16.10.2020] 1061x
Review The Presidium of the SAS awarded the work of young scientists
[16.10.2020] 818x
Review The ESET company awarded exceptional Slovak scientists
[15.10.2020] 481x
Review New data about Venus to be given to the world also thanks to the physicists of the SAS
[15.10.2020] 436x
Review Slovak and Czech scientists described the phenomenon that occurs when a bacterial cell die
[15.10.2020] 324x