Young scientists go out to schools

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The Slovak Academy of Sciences has launched a project that drew young scientists from laboratories or libraries and transferred them to students at schools. On the subject of history, chemistry and physics, teachers were replaced by young scientists who prepared the lesson in accordance with the curriculum, taking into account current developments and trends, and in particular with elements of interactivity and highlighting practical experience.
"For example, students asked about the detriment of plastic waste and how to get rid of it or why and how bottles release toxic substances. They were interested in whether it is possible to create a plastic that breaks down in nature without any negative effects. I explained to them that it is possible and it is precisely this kind of research that the Institute I work at is dealing with, "said RNDr. Michal Procházka, PhD., From the SAS Polymer Institute.
The Polymer Chemist is one of the founders of the Young Scientist Initiative at SAS. More than 200 young PhD candidates and scientists have come to the emerging platform, coming up with new designs and solutions, while at the same time wanting to attract other young researchers to the academy.
The "Roadshow" project of young scientists across schools wants the academy to get closer to the public, highlighting the need for scientific research for practice, and teaching pupils critical thinking. During the first excursion to the regions, young scholars visited 3 schools – the Ľudovít Štúr Grammar School in Zvolen, Grammar School and Secondary Technical School in Krupina and the Central Forestry School in Banská Štiavnica. Together, they gave nine lessons in one day. Mgr. Róbert Sabo, PhD., From the SAS Institute of Informatics also took part in the activity in Senec.
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