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Volume 58, 2006, No. 2


  Význam diela prof. RNDr. Emila Mazúra, DrSc. pre geografiu na Slovensku (pri príležitosti jeho nedožitých 80. narodenín)
Jozef Kvitkovič 1)

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1)Geografický ústav SAV, Štefánikova 49, 814 73 Bratislava.

geomorphology, physical geography, regional geography, regionalization, landscape syntheses, atlas production

Prof. Emil Mazúr has laid foundations of the modern research in geomorphology, physical geography and regional geography at the national and international levels. He was the co-creator of the geomorphological school based on the detailed mapping and complex relief analysis. He possessed an astonishing cognition of the geomorphological development of Western Carpathians above all during the Neocene and Quaternary eras. He worked out the theoretical and methodological questions of the physical and geographical regionalization. He founded and led the IGU Working Group Landscape Synthesis (1980-1988) what represented an important innovation in geographical theory. He also authored the concept of the Atlas of the SSR (1980), which meant decisive progress in world atlas production.

Geografický časopis. Volume 58, 2006, No. 2: 77-84.

  Krajinné syntézy
Ján Urbánek 1)

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1)Geografický ústav SAV, Štefánikova 49, 814 73 Bratislava.

landscape, abstract landscape, concrete landscape, landscape plan, analysis and synthesis

The study deals with the idea of the landscape synthesis, which has determined the making of Slovak geography for many years. The “spiritus movens” of the activities around this idea was academician Emil Mazúr. His not lived 80th birthday offers the opportunity to remember his legacy. The study outlines the key problem of the landscape synthesis, the concept of landscape. It is described as an abstract as well as a concrete concept and in its applied form as the concept of the landscape plan. The study also briefly describes the destiny of the idea of the landscape synthesis. It emerged in the first half of the 20th century and soon became the dominant idea of Slovak geography. It was also the period when the international co-operation organized around the group of scientists pursuing the idea of the landscape synthesis. Finally, also the disappearance and the process of destruction of the landscape synthesis by the end of the 20th century are described.

Geografický časopis. Volume 58, 2006, No. 2: 85-98.

  Prínos Emila Mazúra pre poznanie reliéfu a geoekológie krasovej krajiny
Jozef Jakál 1)

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1)Geografický ústav SAV, Štefánikova 49, 814 73 Bratislava.

karst, landscape geosystem, typology of karst, karst in Slovakia

The study of the relief and karst landscape as the specific geosystem was one of the main themes Emil Mazúr dealt with in the 1970s. The article is dedicated to his not lived 80th birthday and evaluates the results of his scientific work from the point of view of the present knowledge.

Geografický časopis. Volume 58, 2006, No. 2: 99-104.

  Výskum a mapovanie využitia krajiny: minulosť a súčasnosť v kontexte Slovenska
Ján Oťaheľ 1), Ján Feranec 1)

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1)Geografický ústav SAV, Štefánikova 49, 814 73 Bratislava.

land use, land cover, landscape changes, E. Mazúr, Slovakia

The study analyses the orientation of the land use/land cover research and mapping and simultaneously it provides the overview of their representation on maps covering the whole territory of Slovakia. The contributions of Professor Mazúr above all to the identification of the changes for the years 1895-1970 and to the cultural landscape synthesis are evaluated. The present trend applying aerial and satellite images in combination with the results of field research and different kinds of maps which was developed at the Institute of Geography of the Slovak Academy of Sciences significantly contributes to the land cover mapping, changes of land cover and also enhances the precision of the landscape research and use.

Geografický časopis. Volume 58, 2006, No. 2: 105-123.

  Identifikcia a hodnotenie zmien krajiny vo veľkej mierke (na príklade okolia Trnavy)
Monika Kopecká 1)

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1)Geografický ústav SAV, Štefánikova 49, 814 73 Bratislava.

land cover change, land cover class, types of changes, land cover map, nomenclature

Land cover data present the information about the physical coverage of the earth’s surface and often indicate its socio-economic purpose (land use). This data can be regarded as basic information describing the changes of composition (occurrence of the land cover classes) and the configuration (spatial pattern) of a territory. In this paper, we present in detail a land-cover change analysis of a study area situated in the Trnava hilly land, Slovakia. Land cover mapping is based on interpretation of aerial photographs. For the large-scale mapping we propose an extended CORINE Land Cover nomenclature. Comparison of two land cover databases related to 1991 and 2002 leads to the evaluation of landscape changes. Our results show remarkable extensification of agriculture, especially due to increase of small-scale arable fields.

Geografický časopis. Volume 58, 2006, No. 2: 125-148.