Personal data:

Last Name: Rosová

First Name: Viera

Place and date of birth: Bratislava, 1947, Czechoslovakia

Nationality: Slovak

Civil status: married

Children: 3

Institution address: Slovak Academy of Sciences

                                   Štefanikova 49

                                   841 38 Bratislava 1

                                   Slovak republic

      phone: +421 2 5249 4213

      fax:     + 421 2 5249 4172



                                   Department of Social and Biological Communication SAS

                                   Klemensova 19

                                   813 64 Bratislava 1

                                   Slovak Republic

                                   phone:+421 2 5477 5683-103

                                   fax:      +421 2 5477 3442



Academic degrees:

M.A. in Psychology, Philosofical Faculty of the Comenius University  Bratislava: 1971.

PhD. corresponding to CSc.:1980, Institut of experimental Psychology SAS: dissertation „Leader´s Motivation for Implementation Automatic-Regulation Systems“

PhDr.: Comenius University Bratislava 1982



SAS since 1971-  up to now:

Inst.of Exp. Psychologie SAS: proffesional  assistant:1971-1973, internal aspirant 1973-1980, reserch fellow 1980-1990

Department of Social and Biological Communication:since 1.7.1990 senior research fellow 1994, chairwoman of the Scientific board at the Department since 1993.

Member of the Presidium of SAS: since Juni 2001


Teaching career:

Co-lecturer (with K.Pavlièkova) in public participation, Fac.Nat.Sci Comenius University since 1994 up to now, co-lecturer (with G.Bianchi) „Culture-Communication- Conflict“, Fac.Math-Physics Comenius University 1994 -97.

Consultant of 12 diploma works.


Field of research:

Research project´s topics in 70- 80. I cooperated were oriented on psychology of labour (work- motivation, man-computer interaction), general psychology and psycholinguistic (semantic memory and figurative language) Since 1986 interested in environmental psychology. As principal investigator of 4 scientific grant project´s after 1990 I tried with co-workers to examine important variables, connect with sound man - environment relation:values, perception of risks, social identity, roots of environmental awareness, responsibity in family and/or school education, life satisfaction under condition of sustainability. As expert  I took part on preparing  National Strategy of Sustainability in Slovakia (2000) and was principal coordinator of the “Human Ressources“ part in Regional Agenda 21 in Slovakia (Area Stredné Pohronie 2000-2001).



Since 1971 member of the Slovak Psychologists Society,

1998-1999 member of the Society for Risk Analysis - Europe




1990-1992: Member of the Czechoslovak National Committee UNESCO Programme Man and Biosphere (MAB),

since 1993 member and vice-chairwoman  of Executive Committee of the Slovak NC UNESCO Programme Man and Biosphere (MAB),