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Odbor medzinárodnej spolupráce informuje

Calls for Expression of Interest - Human Brain Project

16. 9. 2020 | zhliadnuté 119-krát

Odbor medzinárodnej spolupráce dáva do pozornosti informáciu o otvorených výzvach v rámci projektu Human Brain Project:


Brain Atlas and simulation engine adapter construction - A Call for Expression of Interest (CEoI) for experts in computer engineering and software development interested in contributing to the building of one of the largest computational infrastructures in Europe dedicated to neuroscience.

Application of functional architectures supporting advanced cognitive functions to address AI problems of industrial relevance - A CEoI for organisations interested in the application of functional architectures to address AI and automation problems of industrial and commercial relevance, with special emphasis on vision.

High-level neuro-symbolic processing for guidance of goal-directed behaviour - A CEoI for cognitive neuroscientists, researchers in learning theory, Artificial Intelligence, and neurorobotics interested in developing neural network models of working memory and selective attention for temporary information processing and guidance of goal-directed behaviour.

Engagement of Industry, SMEs and start-ups - A CEoI for companies, most notably SMEs and technology-based start-ups, operating in the field of digital neurosciences interested in the development of tools and services for the shared EBRAINS digital brain Research Infrastructure (RI).


Pre-proposaly sa posielajú do 30/9/2020 a samotné návrhy projektov do 23/10/2020.


Viac informácií na https://opencalls.humanbrainproject.eu/all_calls

Kontakt: info@opencalls.humanbrainproject.eu