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Odbor medzinárodnej spolupráce informuje

Školenie - Toward Innovative Research Biobanks for Rare Diseases

11. 8. 2020 | zhliadnuté 118-krát

New European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases training is open.

29-30 October 2020. Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII), Madrid, Spain (ONLINE)

The goal of this training series is to develop the capacity on data management of biobanks, allowing them to optimise operations to support the need of RD research community. Through the trainings, we aim to promote resources to be FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) and research reproducibility. The training workshops will offer biobanks to learn how to harmonise and share their rare disease biological sample data and encourage direct interactions between RD clinicians/researchers and biobanks, where researchers can exchange on how to leverage biobanks in their RD research.

The general objective of this training is to provide the trainees with knowledge, based on the experience of the expert speakers, on some innovative approaches which are currently relevant for the research on RD based on biobanks, tackling different challenges, and their overcoming.

The training course is open to the international research community, clinicians, medical specialists, RD biobank’s managers, healthcare professionals and rare disease patients’ representatives.

To ensure active participation and exchange with teaching staff and participants, a maximum of 30 attendees will be admitted to each training module. A selection process will be applied by an ad-hoc committee.

Registration is OPEN, deadline is 28 Sept.

For more info click here.