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Call for WERA-IRN Proposals 2018

Vložil(a): J. Barančík, 7.12.2018, videné 119-krát

The World Education Research Association (WERA)

invites proposals to
establish International Research Networks (IRNs). The purpose of WERA-IRNs
is to advance education research worldwide on specific scholarly topics.
IRNs are collaborative groups of scholars working on a specific research
topic primarily through virtual communication or other channels. IRNs
synthesize knowledge, examine the state of research, and stimulate
collaborations or otherwise identify promising directions in research areas
of worldwide significance.

IRNs are required to produce a substantive report that sets forth the state
of knowledge worldwide and promising research directions on the topic of the
IRN. All IRNs are expected to prepare such a research synthesis report as
the first task of their work. Other research activities or initiatives may
vary, but an examination of the research worldwide on a topic is the initial
contribution.  Also, WERA-IRNs are expected to present their work at WERA
symposia or keynote sessions or to meet at a WERA Focal Meeting held in
cooperation with a WERA member association.


IRN members must be individual members of WERA or members of a WERA member
association. IRN members who are individual members of a member association
of the European Educational Research Association also qualify as eligible
IRN members. Individuals are encouraged to become WERA individual members,
whether or not it is a requirement of eligibility.

To join WERA as an individual member visit

Submissions and Questions

WERA-IRN proposals must be submitted electronically via e-mail to
wera@aera.net<mailto:wera@aera.net>. Please include the surname(s) of the
organizer(s) in the subject line of the e-mail in the format "WERA-IRN
Proposal - SURNAME(S)."

Questions to the WERA Committee on International Research Networks should
also be directed to wera@aera.net<mailto:wera@aera.net>.

                                                            DEADLINE: 15 February 2019