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Review Opinion of the Slovak Academy of Sciences on the current situation of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
[4.2.2019] 1090x
Review Prof. Ing. Karel Kudela, DrSc. †20. 01. 2019
[22.1.2019] 606x
Review University of Bergen now a strong partner of SAS
[21.1.2019] 703x
Review New Year concert of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
[11.1.2019] 814x
Review Slovak carers in Austria
[10.1.2019] 458x
Review High ranking national awards for Katarina Zavacka and Mária Omastová
[9.1.2019] 718x
Review Methods, Limits, and Prospects for Governing Innovations
[19.12.2018] 329x
Review Literary Chronicle of the First Republic - The Joint Work of Literary Historians
[26.11.2018] 335x
Review Why do people believe nonsense?
[22.11.2018] 495x
Review PolRom: Identifying evidence-based methods to effectively combat discrimination of the Roma
[20.11.2018] 356x
Review Statement by the SAS Presidium
[19.11.2018] 1723x
Review European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity in Slovak
[19.11.2018] 303x
Review Awards for Scientists and Engineers in Slovakia
[9.11.2018] 868x
Review Students of ERASMUS+ visiting the Earth Science Institute of SAS
[26.10.2018] 390x
Review Excellent research "drives" science
[24.10.2018] 640x
Review Final Scientific Seminar of SASPRO
[11.10.2018] 693x
Review SAS awards Doctor Honoris Causa title to Professor Joseph Klafter
[2.10.2018] 647x
Review Czech and Slovak scientists team up on a large project
[25.9.2018] 898x
Review Slovak–Italian volcano–gravimetric campaign Etna 2018
[6.9.2018] 450x
Review Recommendations by the IAB to the leadership of the SAS
[28.6.2018] 857x
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