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Zur erkenntnistheoretischen und hochschuldidaktischen bedeutung von zweidimensionalen bildmedellen in der landschaftökologie

Konrad Billwitz

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Rok, strany / Year, pages: 1999, 347-360

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Publikované / Published: 0000-00-00

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The twodimensional pictoral models introduced in this study follow the catena-principle. Site-chains ("Standortketten") and landscape-ecological correlative profiles ("landschaftsökologische Kausalprofile") are very useful in the education of students in geography, geo-ecology and landscape ecology for explaining landscape-ecological analyses and illustrating their results. It is of great importance to organize and analyze field results in such a manner that the correlative relation of the individual features to each other and to relief are clearly indicated, that they support the typification following the CGSA (complex geo-ecological site analysis = "Komplexe Geoökologische Standortanalyse"), and that the landscape-ecological types can also be described verbally. Landscape- -ecological catenas ("landschaftsökologische Catenen") and landscape-ecological sequences ("landschaftsökologische Sequenzen") are very useful to stimulate landscape-ecological syntheses: first, they explicitly display the correlative relations between landscape features, landscape factors and landscape components; second, they illustrate the systematics of landscape units and mosaic formation (mosaic formation in the geo-chorological dimension). The preparation of this kind of pictorial model stimulates the ability of students to think analytically and complexly and should be indispensable in geographical and landscape-ecological student research.

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landscape ecology, geoecology, methodology, profile cuts, picture models, site chain, causal profile, catena, sequence, transect

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