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In: Studia Politica Slovaca, vol. 2, no. 1

Politika medzi diskurzom a teóriou.

The policy between discourse and theory. The shortage of the rationalism?

Jozef Lysý

ISSN 1337-8163 (print)
ISSN 2585-8459 (online)

Rok, strany: 2009, 23-31

Publikované: 0000-00-00

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We do not know what our direction is. This is a common view on our contemporary local and global situation. Policies on the threshold of the third millenium still seem to be reluctunt to decide between economic growth (growth of growth) and social distribution. As a result the questions related to public authorities crisis issues or to the demand of public authorities re-establishing (comeback) have appeared in the limelight of interest. In our context a search for proportionation of the micro- and macro- worlds of politics cannot leave out such terms as for eaxample progress. It is not simple to prove whether objective progress does or does not exist. Even in early times of modernity philosophers knew well that a rational argument cannot be applied because scientific progress reasoning as a rational argument is part of science method. Social sciences deem it fruitful to search for fundamental contradictions when analyzing social reality. When studying capitalism we must consider its raison d´être, the never ending capital accumulation. It is not simple to answer to the question why the modernity ideologists were promising what could not be fulfilled, why people believed their promises and why they do not believe them today. Thus the problem of rationality today is influenced by this situation.

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Lysý, J. 2009. Politika medzi diskurzom a teóriou. . In Studia Politica Slovaca, vol. 2, no.1, pp. 23-31. 1337-8163.

Lysý, J. (2009). Politika medzi diskurzom a teóriou. . Studia Politica Slovaca, 2(1), 23-31. 1337-8163.

Kľúčové slová: Enlightenment; Progress; Rationalism; Universalism; Social sciences and humanities