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In: Geografický časopis, vol. 61, no. 4

Antropogénny vplyv na pôdy mestskej časti Bratislava-Rača

Zuzana Tatarková

ISSN 0016-7193, ISSN 2453-8787 (print)

Rok, strany: 2009, 301-314

Publikované: 0000-00-00

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Anthropization of soil is the process of human activity affecting soil characteristics. Changes in soil characteristics are observable only in the upper parts of soil profiles. They are classified by means of their positive or negative effects upon the soil biota. The aim of the paper was to investigate the rate of soil anthropization in the area of Bratislava – Rača. Investigating the soil anthropization rate was a complex process consisting of several steps. Firstly, sources on the anthropization of soil and the history of Rača were studied. Secondly, based on a proper field research, representative soil profiles were chosen. Thirdly, soil samples were taken and analysed, maps were processed and finally, the results were evaluated. The basic assessment of the physical and chemical characteristics of soil was accomplished with use of standard analytical methods. The weighting analysis was applied to the calculation of the soil anthropization rate and size determination of the respective areas. The corresponding maps were compiled using the AutoCAD. This research revealed that in the area of Bratislava-Rača, there are mostly areas with no or only faint anthropization (38.04%). Then there are highly anthropized areas (19.15%), followed by the sealed areas and water bodies (15.45%), and moderately anthropized areas; these represent 14.70% of the total area of Bratislava-Rača. The smallest area is that faintly anthropized (12.66%). The soil most affected by anthropization is in the built-up areas, followed by Technosols and the soil of vineyards or Anthrosols. Among the moderately affected soils is the agricultural soil and Molic Fluvisols, while its effect upon forest soil or Cambisols is faint.

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Tatarková, Z. 2009. Antropogénny vplyv na pôdy mestskej časti Bratislava-Rača. In Geografický časopis, vol. 61, no.4, pp. 301-314.

Tatarková, Z. (2009). Antropogénny vplyv na pôdy mestskej časti Bratislava-Rača. Geografický časopis, 61(4), 301-314.

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