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In: Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications, vol. 37, no. 3
Sigurd Eskeland

Public group key cryptography


Rok, strany: 2007, 23 - 33
Kľúčové slová:
public group key cryptography

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Several conference key establishment protocols have in the recent years been proposed to provide secure group communication. In this paper, we introduce the concept of public group key cryptography as an extension to regular conference key agreement, and propose an efficient and practical public group key cryptosystem that enables participants of groups, without an online trusted third party, to flexibly establish public/private key pairs that represent the groups. By means of private group keys, secure communication is provided internally between the group members, and moreover, outsiders can by means of the public group key address the group confidentially. A multi-party signature provides certification of the public group key towards the group participants.

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ISO 690:
Eskeland, S. 2007. Public group key cryptography. In Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications, vol. 37, no.3, pp. 23-33. 1210-3195.

Eskeland, S. (2007). Public group key cryptography. Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications, 37(3), 23-33. 1210-3195.