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Polemické spisy Michala Andrelly Orosvigovského. Charakteristika dosavadních výzkumů

Walerian Bugel

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Rok, strany / Year, pages: 2019, 78-89

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Publikované / Published: 1. 7. 2019

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Mikhail Andrella, known as Orosvigovskyj, was one of the most prominent opponents of the union with Catholic Church on the territory of the original Eparchy of Mukachevo. Educated not only in the typical way of the then Eastern clergy, but also in Latin, Greek and Hungarian languages, as well as the theological and literary works written in them, he became the most distinct polemist on the side of the opponents of the Union of Uzhorod. Even though his works were at least partially critically published, they still have not been systematically arranged. The paper brings an attempt (if possible) for a complete presentation of the Andrella’s polemical writings research enabling the evaluation and sketching of other possible research areas and procedures.

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Polemical writings, Church union, research, linquistics, history, theology.

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