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Проблематика досліджень та джерела музичних текстів Літургій Простопінія Бокшая-Малинича

Ігор Задорожний

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Rok, strany / Year, pages: 2019, 39-48

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Publikované / Published: 1. 7. 2019

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This article exposes some aspects of general problematics of the research of sources of the Byzantine-Slavic rite’s liturgical chants of regional liturgical practice, recorded at the beginning of the XX century in the Orthodox Prostopiniya by Bokshay-Malynych. In addition to that, preservation of some elements of melodic turns of Greek and Bulgarian songs in Prostopiniya corroborates their influence on forming of chants of Liturgics of John Chrysostom and Saint Basil the Great, as well as orientation of church and singing practice towards joining of theological contents of liturgical texts with the high artistic quality of melodies of the Balkan-Slavonic monody.

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Prostopiniye, heirmologia, liturgy, sacral monody, music text.

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