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Rok, strany / Year, pages: 2018, 0-0

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Publikované / Published: 2. 11. 2018

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Travel on the Slavic South (Serbia and Balkan in the travel Books 16th – 20th century) 331 From Documentary to Fiction. The Picture of the Balkans in Early Slovak Literature 332 The image of the Balkans in travel books of Slovaks in Vojvodina in 1920s 352 Stereotypes and Images of the Others as Part of Travel Literature: Exemplified on Travelogues about Montenegro by Jozef Holúbek (1883 – 1956) 379 Brtáňová, Erika (ed.): Gizela Gáfriková 400 Součková, Marta (ed.): Poetological an a sociological aspect of Slovak literature after the year 2000 IV 405 Šidák, Pavel: He Walks Wetly in the Dry. The Water sprite in the Czech literature 411 The Modernism in the Literature of 1th CSR 1918 - 1938 (academic seminary) 416

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