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Slovak Review

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Domovský ústav: Ústav svetovej literatúry SAV



Slovak Review
Ústav svetovej literatúry SAV
(Institute of World Literature SAS)
Konventná 13
81364 Bratislava

Tel./fax: 00421-7-54431995

Academic journal devoted to literary scholarship
published by the Institute of World Literature
Slovak Academy of Sciences

Registration No. 649/92
MIČ 49 698
ISSN 1335–0544
ISSN 1336-8591

Slovak Review features articles focusing on historical and theoretical research of literature as well as latest research results of IWL SAS.

Slovak Review (104pp, 240 x 165 mm format) is published twice a year (autumn, spring) in Slovak language. Regular features include studies, profiles, discussions, polemics, reviews and reports. Maximum extent of studies is 30 pages (up to 54000 characters), of reviews 10 pages (up to 18000 characters). Studies are published with footnotes and English summaries. All studies are peer reviewed.

Historical Background

Slovak Review is a scientific journal for comparative, or world literature. (Revue de la littérature comparée). Under this title it has been published since 1992. It predecessor was the journal Slavica Slovaca published since 1966 by the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS). From 1966 till 1991 four issues of this journal were published annually, two of them devoted to literary scholarship, two to linguistics. Issues dealing with literary scholarship have rapidly developed into a forum of Slovak, Czech and wider international comparative studies in literature. On its pages a theory of world literature had been formulated by D. Ďurišin (1929-1997) and his co-workers as well as a theory of translation by Anton Popovič (1933-1984) and his school. From the first volume (1966) literary issues of Slavica Slovaca had featured breakthrough studies initiating the process of inclusion of literary modernism and avant-garde into the art and literature history of former East-block countries (list of authors includes Mikuláš Bakoš, Jozef Felix, Ján Koška, Pavol Winczer, Branislav Choma, to name just a few). Slavica Slovaca is since 1992 devoted to linguistics only.

Another predecessor of Slovak Review was the yearbook Slowakei-Kulturwissenschaftliche Revue, a scientific cultural review, devoted to Slovak culture and literature, published by emigrant intellectuals in Munich. 26 volumes of this periodical had been published till 1991.

Scientific Programme of Slovak Review

IWL SAS focuses on three main areas of research: comparative studies, research of literary modernism and studies in artistic translation. These areas have their adequate representation in the Slovak Review. Editorial board also benefits from contacts with partner institutions with similar research programme (e.g. faculty of Arts of Commenius University-Bratislava, Department of Oriental Studies SAS-Bratislava, Cattedra di Litteratura Comparata –Universita di Roma, “La Sapienza“,Seminar für Slavische Philologie, Georg-August Universität-Tübingen, faculty of Arts of Masaryk University-Brno, Institut za literatura-Sofia, etc.)

Editorial Board

Editor-in-chief: Libuša Vajdová

Editors: Magda Kučerková, Margaréta Kontrišová

Editorial Board: Sorin Alexandrescu (Bukurest), Marián Andričík (Košice), Magdolna Balogh (Budapest), Mária Bátorová, Katarína Bednárová, Timothy Beasley-Murray (Lonndon), Adam Bžoch, Xénia Celnárová, Xavier Galmiche (Paris), Zdeněk Hrbata (Prague), Rudolf Chmel (Prague), Ján Jankovič, Mária Kusá, Roman Mikuláš, Anton Pokrivčák (Nitra), Ivo Popsíšil (Brno), Stanislav Rakús (Prešov), Pavol Winczer, Miloš Zelenka (Ljubljana), Bodo Zelinski (Colone), Milan Žitný.

For distribution and subscriptions please contact Slovak Academic Press, ltd. P.O.Box 57, Námestie slobody 6, 81005, Bratislava, Slovakia.